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Dear reader/advertiser

EBO Ghana has started a cooperation with ENJOY a Europe Ghana Business Directory.

This directory is the first of its kind in Ghana but in accordance with the rest of the world.

EBO’s all over the world have similar directories helping to find Local and European contacts in an easy way.

Akushika Sodatonou will visit you soon to showcase the advertising space available for your company.

The goal of our business directory is not just to give a company name and telephone number but to liaise between reliable local businesses of good standing and reliable and well established European owned companies in Ghana.

We target is to provide specific and relevant information with direct contacts to CEO’s, CFO’s, Sales Directors and others of essence for your business and this is what makes EU Ghana Business Directory a very powerful instrument indeed.

Ghana is a country where not everything is as organized as in Europe, but Ghana has it all.

All you need to know is where to get your business and that is what our Business Directory provides you.

On behalf of EBO-Ghana I wish you all the best but above all good business!

Nico van Staalduinen

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