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The Customs Service Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been urged to remove all barriers to trade and promote a conducive environment to attract international trade.

Deputy Finance Minister Kwaku Kwarteng, speaking on the theme ‘A Secure Business Environment for Economic Development’ at the World Custom Day in Accra said: “The processes and procedures for the importation, exportation and clearance of goods must be convenient, timely and certain”.

Mr. Kwarteng explained that the longer goods stay at the ports during clearance processes, the more insecure they become. “The Custom Division must work toward enhancing successful movement of goods and services at the ports to help increase in the volume of international trade, which will help boost international investments and standards.”

He said businesses that are in connection with Customs activities means international trade, adding that making the country’s borders safe and secure will attract more international trade-players in the sub-region. Furthermore, Customs has a great stake in the country’s development as it is one of the key revenue mobilization institutions.

Mr. Kwarteng also cautioned Customs officials to apply technology and international standards to increase the volumes of international trade across the country’s borders and entry points. He however entreated Customs officials to eschew all forms of corrupt acts at contacts points, and rather focus on their core mandate.

The Director in Charge of the Tema Port, Mr. Edward Kofi Osei – who was making a presentation on the activities of Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA) and its impacts on Customs operations – said the collaboration between Customs and GPHA is to make the country a leading hub and beacon of trade and industry in the sub-region through an efficient border.

He said the Port’s contribution of about 60% of the country’s total revenue generation, has been made possible as a result of its good policies and measures which are attracting both importers and exporters, including countries from the sub-region.

He said factors such as improved and efficient clearing of goods by both importers and exporters have made the port attractive to them – adding that countries such as Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso pass their goods through the port due to the security provided for their cargoes.

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