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FIRST EUROPEAN FOOD FAIR, 29th and 30th September 2017

EBO-Ghana and EXPROM are organizing the first annual European Food Fair on the 29th and 30th September 2017

The fair is to promote and introduce European Food but also Food Businesses to Ghana and Ghanaians.

European Countries with a diplomatic representation to Ghana will have a national stand in which between 3 to 10 companies of their country will exhibit food and beverages of which their country is famous.

Products at the exhibition will be: wines, beers and liquors, sausages and salamis, pastry etc of many European countries.

National specialties like: Smorgasbord (Denmark), Herings (Holland), Pate’s (France), Pastas (Italy) Bohemian platter (Czech) Fattened Goose Liver (Hungry), Sauerkraut (Germany), Paella (Spain), Beef Flamande (Belgium), Yorkshire pudding (England) and many others can be tasted at the event.

Ghanaian exporters of food and beverages to the European market will have stands to promote their products to incoming visitors from Europe.

Tasting at the event: Each country will let the visitors taste their favorite country food and drinks.

Dining at the event: Each of the exhibiting countries will offer for sale a 3 course menu of food specialties of that country at a reasonable price.

Chefs: Two European countries will bring in their top chefs for cooking demonstrations, tasting can be booked for TV and/or newspaper interviews and programs.

The famous chefs will discuss and promote the diversity of the European kitchens to Ghana.

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