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The Hungarian Ambassador to Ghana; H.E. András Szabós is set to interact with a cross section of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, startup companies, business owners and professionals on opportunities available for partnerships and investments between Ghanaian and Hungarian businesses at the second edition of the Diplomacy Meets Business Series (DBMS) scheduled for November 16.

The Diplomacy Meets Business Series (DBMS) presents a platform for Ghanaian business and entrepreneurs to expand their network and broaden their scope of operations by taking advantage of programs and opportunities offered by the diplomatic missions in Ghana through their tenets of Economic Diplomacy.

The initiative is also to bridge the gap and bring the diplomatic community closer to startup companies, entrepreneurs and business executives in Ghana to share ideas and identify areas of possible collaboration and assistance to boost the reach, operations, and successes of entrepreneurship and the private sector in Ghana.

The Hungarian economy is currently in a very robust shape based on the country’s expansionary fiscal policy, substantial monetary stimulus and inflows of EU investment funds. These factors have pushed the Hungarian economy into a higher gear in the first two quarters of this year, and its annual GDP growth is on track to almost double the growth rate observed in 2016.

With its capital city; Budapest, now acknowledged as a prime hub for start-ups, investors and incubators in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, Ambassador András Szabós will lead discussions on the business and entrepreneurship climate in Hungary, growing business sectors in Hungary and how entrepreneurs and businesses in Ghana can be connected to their counterparts in Hungary to expand their reach and network.

The Ambassador will further touch on programs and support offered by the embassy and the Hungarian government for businesses and individuals hoping to tap into the Hungarian market and economy, exchanges programs for entrepreneurs, among others. The second edition of the DBMS will be hosted at the Embassy of Hungary creating an opportunity for one on one conversation and networking with officials of the embassy on all issues relating to the subject matter for the meeting.

The DBMS is an initiative of the International Perspective for Policy & Governance (IPPG), a foreign affairs and international relations think tank. The program is strictly by invitation and also opens to those who are able to register to participate in the session.

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