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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has warned it will sanction expatriates who fail to file their tax returns. According to the GRA, majority of expatriates are flouting the tax returns rules leading to loss of revenue.

The GRA has for some time now warned various firms against failing to comply with tax obligations. Earlier, it warned that suppliers of mining equipment in Ghana who default in filing tax returns risk prosecution if they fail to reconcile with their outfit.
The move forms part of plans by the GRA to clamp down on defaulting taxpayers this year.

Speaking in an interview at the sidelines of a breakfast meeting organized by Ernst and Young in Accra, Chief Revenue Officer at the Large Tax Payer Office of the GRA Dominic Naab assured the GRA will deal ruthlessly with expatriates who fail to file their tax returns. “Taxation is governed by law and whatever income that is accrued from Ghana will have to be subject to tax in Ghana.

“It has been reversed so as we speak now the position of the law has changed. Now we are saying that unless or until it is stated clearly that you are exempted from tax, you will surely have to pay your taxes in Ghana” he said.

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