Czech - Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce


EBO-Ghana is happy to welcome the UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) as a member and we believe that together with all the other European National chambers we would improve upon the European Business community here in Ghana thereby also improving upon the Ghanaian economy.

The UKGCC is a unique resource and a robust organization made up of local experts and professionals that will be the voice for British Businesses looking to access and engage with the Ghanaian market, whilst providing assistance to Ghanaian companies investing in the UK.

The UKGCC provides exceptional support for its members through the sharing of knowledge and ideas whilst hosting various activities designed to build stronger networks that will connect business and create further opportunities.

The UKGCC provides trade services as well as market entry services to their clients. From the very outset, the UKGCC has put itself at the service of its members by interfacing with the business community to ascertain what members’ desire in a Chamber of Commerce.

The UKGCC offers a bespoke service to UK companies to facilitate and support their business development in Ghana and the wider West Africa region. The Market entry service also helps members to:

  • Connect with the right partners or service providers for their businesses
  • Navigate through the business landscape in West Africa
  • Achieve a successful market entry strategy
  • Increase brand presence through effective promotion

For further enquiries on how to do business with the UKGCC please send an email to or visit their website at

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