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The Danish Embassy in Accra is pleased to present their Business Centre with incubator facilities available for Danish registered companies and institutions looking to enter the Ghanaian market and have a smooth start.

The Embassy of Denmark in Ghana has established a business centre with two incubator facilities A and B in connection to the Embassy in Accra. Each incubator facility includes two workstations in a separate office and conference facilities will be available for Danish registered companies and institutions who seek to explore the business environment in Ghana before establishing a business in the country. As incubator client you receive up to three hours of counseling per month from the team of advisors.

Benefits from using an incubator include:

  • Providing a base while market opportunities are being thoroughly explored. This way you can keep start-up costs to a minimum level.
  • Access to your own office, a conference room, and other shared facilities in the business centre of Accra.
  • Three hours monthly assistance from the dedicated commercial team.

The Business Centre is located in central Accra, just opposite Alisa Hotel and only 7km from Kotoka International Airport. There is secure parking in the Embassy grounds, and taxis are always available by the entrance.


The Danish Business Community serves as a platform for networking and knowledge sharing for Danish businesses operating in Ghana.

The Embassy of Denmark in Accra facilitates the Danish Business Community in Ghana. The community consists of approximately 40 companies and business associates with established links to Denmark operating in Ghana. We welcome both Danish and foreign businesses. The only requirement is that your business has a tie to Denmark.

The community meets four times a year at the Ambassador’s residence for business get-togethers with general discussion and networking. The community is also part of the European Business Organization (EBO) in Ghana.

If you wish to be a part of the Danish Business Community, do not hesitate to contact Nicolas J. Gebara via email; Furthermore, the Embassy encourages all Danish companies already operating or starting up in Ghana to notify the Embassy of their presence.

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