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 The Youth Business Network (YBN) a non-governmental organization made up of young and potential entrepreneurs in Ghana launched their flagship program for the year; Young Entrepreneur Awards 2017 at the Erata Hotel at East Legon.

The launch which was well attended witnessed the presence of some networked members, including the Deputy Minister for Employment and Social Welfare, Bright Wireko Brobbey.

Speaking at the launch, the Executive Director for the youth business network, Solomon Adjei urged the youth to be job creators instead of seekers.

“We know that in Ghana the condition for start-ups are not conducive but there are people who defy all odds and we think it’s time we recognize and reward these people. Setting up a business has never been easy but we need to encourage the youth to go into entrepreneurship. It’s about time Ghana also sits up to appreciate the youth.”

He also called on other agencies and the ministries to support such initiatives so as to encourage more people. “Funding such projects is not easy. This is a nationwide thing and we have had a lot of challenges. We sometimes end up using our own money, if we can get more people to come on board and support us, imagine the impact it will have on the youth and the unemployment concerns we face as a country.”

Nominations for the awards ended on 30th June with the nominee expected to be between the ages of 15–40. The categories to be honored include:

  1. Young Entrepreneur of the Year            7. YBN Entrepreneur of the Year
  2. Woman Entrepreneur of the Year         8. YBN Sponsor of the Year
  3. Social Entrepreneur of the Year             9. Non Ghanaian Entrepreneur of the Year
  4. Startup Entrepreneur of the Year          10. Mentor of the Year
  5. Student Entrepreneur of the Year         11. Financier of the Year
  6. Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year

The main awards event is scheduled to take place on Friday 6th October 2017. Full details of the event would be published soon.

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