Czech - Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce


The European Business Organization in Ghana (EBO-Ghana) is organizing its first joint business cocktail for all European Business Chambers in Ghana, together with the heads of governmental organizations, Association of Ghana Industries and Private Enterprise Foundation, Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders.

The event will take place on Wednesday 31st May 2017 at the EU Ambassador’s residence.

The aim of this cocktail is to bring together the various companies from their respective European Chambers as well as some Ghanaian companies with business operations in European countries and other governmental personalities, and discuss various subjects of importance in relations to their business operations in Ghana.

The EPA and FDI following the ratification of the EPA will be subject of speeches at the event.

Associate Members of EBO are directly invited; other invitations will be passing through the European National Chambers and Organizations.

Full details of this event would be sent out in due course

Contact for any information regarding this event.

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