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Humanitas Afrika

Humanitas Afrika

was founded in Prague in 2000 as an African-Czech non-profit organization in order to promote mutual tolerance and understanding between Czechs and Africans. Additionally raise the awareness about Africa, Africans and their culture in Czech society.

In 2005 the association founded African Information Centre (AIC), which is opened to the general public with the services of African libraries and a wide range of educational activities, eg. Workshops about Africa for schools, discussions around Africa for a month, films, courses in African languages and more. The center is a meeting place and helps Africans living in the Czech Republic to integrate into Czech society and maintain their own identity and culture.

Another area in which we are engaged is to support education and development in Africa. Project patron (since 2002 in Ghana, since 2006 in Kenya and Benin) allows children in poor communities to get the education. Related Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for the education of high school students.

We also encourage girls and women and youth employment – operate apprentice tailor shop, computer literacy courses, etc.