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Genesis Environmantal Solutions

Genesis Environmantal Solutions

Genesis Environmental Solutions is a vibrant and prospective company, which is tackling multiple environmental problems of the world and especially Ghana’s simultaneously, in order to make a large-scale socio-economic impact. At the heart of our business is the sustainable use and re-use of resources. We are recycling thousands of tons of plastic waste into highly-demanded granulates, in order to funnel them back into the local and global plastic production industry and also integrate those recycled materials back into the value chain with our meaningful products as our own developed eco friendly traffic signs. Additionally, Genesis Environmental Solutions products can compete with traditional counterparts not only in terms of quality but also pricing. Furthermore, Genesis Environmental Solutions will extend its metal recycling by entering the field of precious metal recycling. We aim to recycle hazardous gold tailings and refine the residual gold and silver out of them, while managing the tailings due to our innovative technology in an environmentally harmless way. In another recent operation, Genesis Environmental Solutions was tackling the mostly neglected textile waste industry, with the aim to recycle the vast amount of available textile waste, in order to supply the global textile industry with recycled quality input materials.

It is the symbiosis between these operations that we view as a great opportunity not only for Ghana but also for the world. By employing a regional workforce, we are able to boost the micro economy as well as improve locals’ trade skills. Helping shape a culture of recycling will significantly improve Ghanaians’ health and lives and therefore transform it to a role model for the whole of Africa.

The biggest challenge of waste and especially plastics is its resilence to degrade naturally.
Therefore a sustainable waste management in every corner of the world is crucial for the future of humanity and our environment in order to secure a prosperous future for following generations.
Therefore our Slogan is:,, Cleaning Ghana, one sign at a time.‘‘

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